Bump eRaiser – Medi Paste


Prevents & eliminates ingrown hairs & bumps on the face, bikini line, legs & underarms. Scientifically formulated with Tea Tree oil, & Vitamin A, to draw out infection rapidly without causing trauma to the skin Medi paste reduces redness & swelling while preventing infection.

Medi Paste is a highly concentrated  spot treatment  used to eliminate ingrown hairs, razor bumps & pimples


Suitable for all areas of your body, for male and female use, reduces swelling, redness and prevents infections of hair follicles after hair removal, shaving, waxing and plucking.
Medi Paste is white with a thick consistency its Texture is creamy, smooth and dense. It does smell like medicated ointment, its mild not to bad, you can smell Tea Tree coming through in the aroma. It feels cool and soothing and doesn’t take long to absorb into skin leaving  skin feeling smooth, almost velvety and leaves a light protective clear layer over skin. Any redness and swelling that occurs with hair removal is reduced by the soothing cream.

Additional information

How to use

Apply to clean dry skin after hair removal, its just a matter of smoothing and massaging the cream over skin.

For mild ingrown hair conditions use a small amount of cream daily, massaging into the infected follicle for between 7 to 10 days, during which time an improvement in the condition should be felt and seen. The redness and hard lump of the ingrown hair is eliminated and the rogue hair makes an appearance & skin health improves.

For rapid results apply a band aidover the problem area as this will speed up healing.

For severe conditions apply the Medi Paste twice daily until improvement can be seen and then the cream is used once daily until skin and follicle has returned to a healthy state of affairs.

The results are not instant with ingrown hair problems but I have to say the results are excellent when they do happen because the Medi Paste works at eliminating the problem, patience is the key, this cream is good stuff.

Prevention is the best cure by applying the cream after each hair removal session, you will prevent the odd ingrown hair. .