Hello! I am Larissa Drummond and I am a fully Qualified Beauty Therapist with over years experience in New Zealand. 

Throughout my entire life, Mount Maunganui was my cherished hometown. However, in December 2022, I established a new residence in New Plymouth. Since my intermediate school days, I have harboured a profound passion for the beauty industry. From a young age, I developed a strong inclination for taking care of my health, well-being, and appearance.

My true journey into the world of beauty commenced when I confronted skin issues, particularly acne. I explored various avenues to address this concern, including hormonal treatments, Accutane, and naturopathy. Although I observed some degree of improvement through these methods, it wasn’t until I embraced the naturopathic approach that I experienced a substantial transformation, not only in my skin but in my overall well-being. This personal experience underscored the profound interconnection between gut health, lifestyle, and their impact on physical and mental health.

“I firmly believe that our external appearance profoundly influences our internal state. This belief is what fuels my passion for my profession. Having the privilege to enhance someone’s self-esteem and overall well-being brings me immense joy and satisfaction.”

Qualifications include:

  • 2021 New Zealand Diploma in Beauty Therapy (Level 5)
  • 2020 New Zealand Certificate in Beauty Therapy (Level 4)