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Moisture mask

Step 1. Good night bubble cleansing pad : This is a convenient cleansing pad that allows you to do make up residue and deep cleansing all at once

Step 2. better than simple mask : this sheet mask supplies lost moisture after cleansing and maintains water-oil balance. it soothes the tired skin by external factors.

one sheet mask.

How to use

1.softly splash your face with warm water and wet the pad.

2.Rub the wet pad on the back of your hand to make enough bubbles.

3.Remove theĀ  makes up and cleanse your face with the embossing side, then rinse it with warm water.

4. tightly apply the midnight moisture mask on your face.

5.after 20minutes, take the mask off and softly tap the remained serum on your face to be absorbed will.

Tip: cut the serum on the bottom right corner of pouch and apply it first, then apply a mask to get a greatly moisturize.

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