Micro Needle Rolling
Micro Needle Rolling is a new technology that Blossom Beauty & Day Spa offers as a treatment.

What is Micro Needle Rolling?
Micro Needle Rolling is an anti-aging treatment which stimulates the skin with specially designed rollers. This results in the skin having a very smooth feel and firming effect, giving younger and healthier skin.

The Wonderful Benefits of Micro Needle Rolling
1. Micro Needle Rollers improve the effectiveness of your products and helps the products penetrate deeply into the skin, which is excellent for anti-aging and oily skin.
2. Collagen and elastin production is increased which plumps up the skin.
3. Skin pigmentation with Micro rolling is greatly improved.

The micro needle rollers are kept in a sterile container that protects the probes from contamination.
Blossom Beauty & Day Spa have home rollers available for sale.

Korean Tradition Gold Stone
This is a traditional Korean treatment. It is similar to a hot stone massage, but the stones are gold. The gold penetrates into the skin which gives a deep muscle release and it is more relaxing than hot stone. The gold stones are also good for removing toxins and helping circulation and relaxation.

Detoxing Mask
A marine ingredient that comes from the most beautiful french sea in the world. This marine plant coral has a special ingredient which has unique cosmetic properties to perfectly moisturise and balance the epidermis. An effective combination of hot bubbling mud and a specific massage helps significantly improve the appearance of orange-peel skin and localized areas of fat, resulting in the tissue being filtered and smoother skin.

Air Leg Massage
Air leg massage with amazing giant sock thingies, which gently squeeze your legs and feet, improving circulation and offering relief to people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Oxygenating Jet Peel
This advanced facial infuses the skin with pure oxygen and multivitamin elixirs. The jet pressure washes and painlessly removes a fine layer of dead skin while deeply oxygenating and rejuvenating the lower layers. Relaxing and comfortable – it enhances the microcirculation of your skin, jet cleaning all your pores, killing bacteria and introducing serums that are infused into the skin, instantly reviving your complexion in just minutes and nourishing your skin from within.